Written in a John Fox workshop


It’s never just about death
or cancer, or surgery.

It’s what the doctor said
when Anne asked,
What will I look like?

wanting his compassion before
they removed her bandages
from where the breasts had been.

You will look like a man, he said.
He said I will look like a man!
she repeated.
I felt assaulted, betrayed, she said.

He checked his work,
the clean seams pleased him
and he left the room.

I was grateful, she said,
but now she wept, for the girl in her,
for her breasts, for her woman’s heart,
for the way we all want the healer
to sing to us.

Roslyn Strohl


Look for me on Psychologytoday.com.

In the quiet setting of a  therapy hour, you can reach a level of reflection and trust withi that reenlivens a belief in your own imagination and character. No fancy tricks, just deep presence and reflective conversation. From honesty with one’s self in a supported environment, courage and resolution can arise and become action.

One Word

Are you stuck asking “Why?” over and over. Perhaps imponderables and unsolvables are besetting your thoughts? Try changing “why” to “how ” or “what”.
How might I do that differently?
What might I chose to change first?
Who would I like to include on this change?

Daydream the possible, even when the thoughts want to interrupt and rein you in.
That way lies discovery.

Am I Grieving, Sad or Depressed?

An Andrew Solomon TED talk

Andrew Solomon discusses his own experience and his research into what happens when genetic predisposition to anxiety and depression collides with triggering life events.

As he says, ” The opposite of depression is vitality.”. And if you are depressed, thoughts can lie.

If this mirrors your own condition or you have questions,seek help. Sometimes the one life you should save is your own.

Hello sadness
I notice you are here today.
You want to wrap my heart in foil
or waxed paper like a burrito take-out

You want me to sit and warm the couch
to be still
to not let anything move
forward or back.
Yet fear grabs at my chest
sends my heart into overdrive
tightens my throat.
I am so tired.

I hear the little birds
and know it is Spring outside
and I imagine how I might venture out
and unwrap my heart and give it an airing.

And after that?
I dont know.
Lie down on the warm earth.
Let it support my body
Breathe for me.

One thing
at a time…