Veteran Journaling Workshop in February

Mindful Writing Workshops for Veterans

No cost. All welcome.

Bring pen, journal and an open mind.

We are both the narrator and the main character of our stories.
Share a new perspective. Small group format. Offered monthly.

This month bring a 5 min reading of prior work to share if desired. No critique.11010033

Where: Coastal Peaks Roasters, 3536 S. Higuera, Suite 150, San Luis Obispo

Times: Sunday,Feb10th, 2013, 12-2 p.m.

Other: Group will be lead by Roslyn Strohl, M.A., LMFT and Lani Steele, Ph.D. Both Roslyn and Lani have Veteran family members and experience in writing, teaching and mindful practice. Coastal Roasters donates the space. Food and coffee for sale.


Sandy’s Flotsam

Some amazing photographs were published in the NYT. The subjects were ordinary acts by families and individuals. But when the storm Sandy swept them up they were transformed and ethereal and spoke to me of life’s transience and of what endures. I wrote this for a poet friend…little haiku to hold my thoughts.

A Response.

Do not wait for great
Chop onions, sort laundry; write
when the heart says write.

The great storms are here
What if yours is the poem
Flotsam left behind.

Write in indelible ink.
Speak of our friendship,dear poet
How it survived all.