Mindful Tech

Mindful Tech

Here are some apps to support a mindful life. I have not tried them but I have tried NICAMB’s  knowledge of brain plasticity. Then there is Breathe2Relax a free APP for iPhone. I have tried that one and it is a simple effective coach for deep breathing and just long enough to do on a short work break. If you live with your smartphone see what you think.



Once at a workshop we participants were challenged to walk barefoot on a hike through the forest.The invitation to discard hiking boots induced the gamut of reactions.

A good antidote to “stuck” is inviting surprise. Most of the time surprise enters through our senses rather than our thoughts, so the more we settle into our bodies (grounding) the more likely we are to receive the surprise when it comes with joy rather than anxiety.

Walking in the redwoods barefoot brought an edge to our attention.

A few notes, a word or two, a sketch, an iPhoto and a new memory is anchored.

Banking new memories helps us past the old.

From “stuck” to “surprise” to “stillness”. Aha!